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Favourite Video of the Week

Ella Eyre ‘If I Go’ dir. Henry Scholfield

In a world where the ceiling is the floor and the walls are the floor, and even the floor is the floor, Ella Eyre, voice and all are defying gravity in a way that Wicked the musical would be jealous of. An deeply impassioned performance from the singer matching her raspy belting that carries the voice into the realm of one of the most interesting in pop, currently, from the limited amount that I’ve heard. 

Top Three: Seriously Cool Videos

Passion Pit ‘Carried Away’ dir. Ben Brewer & Alex Brewer

Yes, she is a celebrity, a celebrity in the One Tree Hill world, which was a big world (I promise). So anyway, she (Brooke from One Tree Hill) acts out the banes and blessings of a relationship. Some snazzy editing and effects spin us from place to place, sticky situation to tricky situation and back round to lovey dovey again. It’s highly creative, pushing out idea after idea of things that occur in relationships, and very funny too. Have a watch.

Lushlife: ‘Magnolia’ dir. LAMAR+NIK

I could almost consider this idea quite nerdy, as someone really, really, did their homework. The time that must have been put into meticulously creating each and every word- I won’t explain further (because I really really want you to watch the video instead of reading my writing). So, as nerdy is the new cool (sometimes), this video flies into this Top Three with ease. 


Placebo: ‘Loud Like Love’ dir. Saman Kesh

An exploration of an unfortunate event in spectacular details, avoiding assumptions and speculations, with a full range cast and the help of Bret Easton Ellis himself. Have your observational skills run through the mill with this interactive, eight minute, super swish music video.

Case Study: Sia

So! Sia. Wonderful artist with the most incredible voice makes pretty odd music videos. There is a whole video revolving around the use of hands: hands in paint, hands doing sign language, hands making shadow puppets. And then there is a video that jumps and jumps between Sia wearing different costumes, one stranger than the next. But let’s cut to my favourite, ‘Chandelier’ which may or may not be my actual favourite, but it definitely is someones with over fourty million hits on YouTube alone in little over a month. And in fact, just because I find it all a little weird, does not discredit how stunning the video is, both visually and talent wise. Talent wise for both the young dancer and Sia’s vocals which are somewhat wasted behind auto tuning, but still etch their way into your brain so much so that you’re humming it on the bus. Join the hordes of people flocking to see this video.

Round Up: 07.07.14 - 13.07.14

Case Study: Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s ‘Give Me Love’ all seems a bit wet at first, pretty girl (instead of fat little cherub) playing the role of cupid. Hmm. But… and yes there is a but: but, it somehow slips into the category of, worth a watch due to the sheer intensity of some of the scenes. Admittedly there is a chunk of time before anything particularly dramatic happens, in fact there is a large proportion of time spent watching the leading lady scratch her back. But then comes a bit of blood (as in the tiniest amount of gore) and feathers coming out of said back, for those who have fond memories of Black Swan. Then there is an interim of new found love scenes which warm the heart enough to get wounded again by our protagonist angel’s aching loneliness which increases as she dances alone in a crowd whilst getting what seems like high off her arrow stabbing spree. It all sound bizarre but believe me, the performance for our Home and Away star, Isabel Lucas is superb and the whole aesthetic, grungy and beautiful. 

And then there is ‘Small Bump’ a simple yet incredibly moving performance video set in a hospital. Ed is left to softly sing as the camera pans around him and the passers by who come and go and sometimes completely disappear. It all strongly pays homage to the subject matter and the song itself. 

And that’s what I would say about Ed’s videos, generally, and that means: “in most cases; usually.” they are very emotive, poignant even, whether it’s a homeless girl wandering the streets in ‘A Team’ or Ed getting drunk alone and talking to a cat (who talks back, no biggy), in ‘Drunk’. Here is ‘Give Me Love’ for you to feast upon.

Top Three: Celebrity Sightings

Arcade Fire ‘We Exist’ dir. David Wilson

You may not recognise him under a wig, make up and some glossier clothing, but no joke, that is Andrew Garfield. As in, Spiderman, Andrew Garfield… Social Network, Andrew Garfield. I could go on, but you could also sit and read his IMDb. But onwards to the main point: the video. There are some special special moments here, but my favourite was when Andrew Garfield’s character lets loose with a sumptuous jig. Well, well, worth a watch. 

Broken Bells ‘The Ghost Inside’ dir. Jacob Gentry

I would say there are echoes of ‘Gravity’ but this music video dates back to 2010 so I will say it the other way round. Alfonso Cuarón has a lot to answer for. But onto the Celebrity stalking: Christina Hendricks is famous in the Mad Men/Drive circuits (if you didn’t know) and very good at acting with her eyes if you ask me, and that’s what she does a lot of in this video.

Fatboy Slim ‘Weapon Of Choice’ dir. Spike Jonze

And last but never the least, Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim’s video: ‘Weapon of Choice’. I would like to cite that it could possibly be the best cameo of all as Christopher flies and dances his way around the lobby of the L.A. Marriott Hotel. And can I say… What a spectacular dancer he is. I know we’ve seen it in almost every movie that he’s starring in but here we see it in full glory. Hypnotic, I’d say. 

Round Up: 30.06.14 - 06.07.14

Favourite Video of the Week

The Kooks ‘Around Town’ dir. Ryan Hope

This is essentially an exciting short film that encapsulates a beautiful and budding bond between two work colleagues within a bubble of violence and revenge. It is certainly not your average work relationship predominantly due to the genre of the work, but also poignant moments, where they seem to mirror the relationship of a father and daughter. I watched, enthralled two people coming together in the light of their painful losses and split apart with a chilling twist at the end. 

Top Three: Group Dance Videos

The xx: ‘Islands’ dir. Saam

Normally The xx dish out fairly subdued videos that are aiming at being very ‘cool’ - whatever that means these days - but here we are with ‘Islands’ and they’ve really classed things up (even though the band are still looking subdued in the centre of things). One sort of becomes mesmerised by the dancing that is repetitive in the mini Groundhog Day kind of way. 

Jungle ‘Busy Earnin’ dir. JLW & Oliver Hadlee Pearch

I watched this video and for some reason I was left with only one word besides my speechlessness and that was funky. Enough said. 

Skrillex: ‘Ragga Bomb’ dir. Terence Neale

Besides from the awesome looking men smoking cigars and what not from the shells of buildings and men riding scooters that put Micro to shame, this video has some serious dance offs (mainly with the camera, and I’d like to think the crew behind it). Anyhow, we are thrown into an unknown world of backstreets Johannesburg and Alexandra where we are shown how the South African’s do their raving - and let me just add that it puts us to shame. Nevertheless, it’s all pretty gangster and well worth a watch.

Case Study: MGMT

So In all my exuberant positivity, there will always come a day where this might slip, a little. And so whilst this slip (landslide) occurs I will let go of some top secret information, informing you that I think MGMT’S videos are a bit weird. Needless to say, I’m going to run with all this weirdness and break down the videos into the MGMT music video weirdness awards.

So! Coming solidly in third place and arguably the most normal (comparatively) is MGMT’S ‘Kids’! Here we see a poor kid being continuously harassed by monsters whilst his dearest mum is too busy being fashionable. I did feel for the poor kid who looked genuinely terrified (or else deserves an Oscar). And then! - and yes there is an ‘and then!’ - they randomly throw some animation in the mix and sure as hell, this mixes it up. But as much as it mixes things up… Its still a bit weird. 

Moving on: In second place, definitely would come Electric Feel, which is, in all its weirdness, by far my second favourite. Why, you ask me? Well that’s because a cult of people are dancing around in what looks a bit like the Shire (yes - another Lord of the Rings reference, keep ‘em coming, I’d say). And to push the boat out further, which MGMT inevitably did, this cult cut open the moon and drink the gloop that pours out of it. Explanation anyone? Nope. 

Yes, yes. The moment everyones been waiting for. The weirdest of the MGMT videos in my psuedo expert opinion is: Life is a Lie. Its also my favourite and my least favourite at the same time, if that makes any sense. Highlight alert! The bit with the wife….. So funny. Do watch: