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The Reel Edition is where we sporadically share some of our news, thoughts, stills, videos and anything else we find arguably interesting or funny. You should check out some of our directors killer work on the Burning Reel site too.

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Favourite Video of The Week: Passion Pit

Passion Pit: ‘Cry Like A Ghost’ dir. Daniels

It would have to be Kyla la Grange’s ‘The Knife’ but then I may be accused of bias. Therefore, Passion Pit it is. It came out last week but it’s worth a few weeks of favouriting in my opinion. Our leading lady’s performance is second to none in my quest so far to find the best leading lady performance. There is also an extended cut for you to feast your eyes upon. Enjoy.

Case Study: Woodkid

I’m going to start my stream of consciousness’ with a throwback to 2011. The video, ‘Iron’, begins with a dog drooling and by the end of the video, I was. The video progresses to what strongly reminds me of LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) with a few men, women and animals racing across the screen wheidling various objects. Now you may believe LARPing to be quite lame but no, you would be wrong in thinking that because in my opinion there is nothing more nobel than unashamedly dousing yourself in medieval helmet and garments and prancing around with a plastic sword and shield. Our on screen LARPing colony in ‘Iron’ are beautifully shot as they run in, wait for it, wait for it, slow freaking motion. [Disclosure: This is the one and only time thus far that slow motion running is acceptable in a video.] Okay. Lets let slip a little information to tempt you to watch this video even further, Woodkid, in his previous life was a extremely talented music video director and has shot all his videos himself. Please find the video to below and I urge you to watch it instead of listening to my further ramblings.

News Update: New Video

'The Knife' by Kyla La Grange directed by De La Muerte is their sixth video with each other. Congratulation to everyone involved!

Kids… Don’t do drugs.

New video from Joe Elliott for The Family Rain, on Virgin Records.

Thanks again to the wonderful crew! (List can be found here).

Doctor P and Adam F featuring Method Man, 'The Pit': First Look at a Preview for its Video

Billboard give the first sneak-peek into the new video from Mike Tyler - for Drum ‘n’ Bass heavyweights ‘Adam F’ and ‘Doctor P’ and hip-hop grandmaster ‘Method Man’.

This is a serious piece of work and we are all really excited to see it go out into the world!

More details coming soon but until then, head over to billboard and check out the trailer!